29 oktober 2011

Mylo Xyloto

The new album of Coldplay is AMAZING!
It's like they're making a style switch, but all the songs have typical Coldplay aspects in it!

I'm in love with the electronic sounds in combination with a piano, strong guitars and the voice of Chris Martin :)

Arggg,, now I'm getting more upset about the fact that I'm not going to their concert:(:(
The tickets were gone in 10 minutes!

28 oktober 2011

Oh my Docs!

Welcome to my shoe collection:)

These ones I also bought recently :) (l)

5 oktober 2011

Alexander McQueen Ready-to-Wear Collection 4 october

AMAZING collection of Alexander McQueen.
Made by: Sarah Burton.
Date:        4 October 2011

16 september 2011


Hey everyone!!

Sorry for my not posting very frequently, I was on holiday and now school is soo busy!
I'm in my senior year,, so it's a lot I have to do for my exams!!
I'm going to try to post as much as I can, but I can't promise a thing...

So, I've been thinking to get a tattoo when I turn 18 :)
Here is some inspiration.
What do you think????

17 augustus 2011

Make-up: Colour bomb

I'm on vacation tomorrow!
So,, see you in 3 weeks! 


Viktor & Rolf Autumn/Winter 2011

Raw Fashion.
This collection is called: Battle For The Sun.
Metalic warriors with red faces.

13 augustus 2011

Abbey Lee Kershaw Vogue Russia April

I know it's a bit late,, but I really wanted to show you this because:
- Abbey Lee is BEAUTIFUL
- I'm in love with the LEATHER ARMOUR
- It is shot by HEDI SLIMANE, an amazing photographer.
- It's an amazingly STRONG serie!

11 augustus 2011



DIY Earcuff (again :))

I LOVE EARCUFFS... and chains, and feathers:)
(and simple DIY's :))

8 augustus 2011

Tara Ferry :)

Tara Ferry
He was a model for Burberry a few months ago.
He's the drummer of the band Rubber Kiss goodbye.
What else can I say??
He's HOT.

Burberry with Tali Lennox

Rubber Kiss Goodbye

Diy Earcuff

 Made by my sister:)

29 juli 2011

July: month of accessoires and DIY

Who can have enough of them?????
This month I bought far to much....

I finally got my 'long-wanted' bag!
First I got it and I was soo happy! But inside there was a magnet protection so I called the webshop.
They said I could send it back for free, but the people at the post office said I must pay.
So after 3 weeks of calling to the webshop and cycling to and from the post office the bag was finally really mine!

The earrings I got from Jutka and Riska (€4) (see  Haarlem, vintage shop city! ), the necklace from Sacha (€2) and the earbuttons from H&M (€3).

(bracelet from Wibra (€2) and ring from H&M) 

Love my leopard glasses:):)

Yesterday I was in a very creative mood.
The're a lot of accessoires I really want but just can't find in a store.
So I decided to make them myself:)
And I must say it worked well:)

It's so easy to make lovely things yourelf IF you have the right materials.
DIY is sooo much more fun!

The necklace is made of Fimo clay, like the crosses, the clock and the camée.
Fimo is very easy to use. You only must watch out for mixing the two or three colours together while you're shaping it. After shaping you put it in an oven for a half an hour and VOILA!
I'm especially proud on my camée. It took me 2 and a half hour to make it....

The bracelet is made of rope and nuts.
You just braid the nuts into the rope.
It's so simple and the result is amazing!

The rings could be easily made if you have these 'plated rings' and super glue.
You can buy these rings in a hobbyshop or on

Now I'm working on cute shoulder pads with fringe, a chain body and a XL skirt in see-through black fabric. I can't wait to show you the results:) 

I hope I've inspired you all!!!
Have fun with your own DIY projects!