26 februari 2011

Second-handstore tour

I'm obsessed with vintage.
Every fashion item that's connetced with the word vintage I want to have.
Firts I thought vintage was expensive and only for hte rich kids on this world.
And because I'm not one of them, I was not prejudiced to buy those things.
But then I didn't knew the meaning of vintage.

I've been doing some research and I found out that vintage is for everyone who's interrested in special clothes, things no one else has, things from the past with his own stories and fabrics. No matter how rich or how poor you are, if you share that passion, what would hold you back? There are no rules...
Do you get my obsession?

So, last week I went on, what I called, a second-handstore tour.
I went together with my mum to Haarlem and visited all the second-handstores we could find.
It was really fun to search through al those old clothes.
Though a lot was rubbish, I've made some wonderfull (cheap XD) finds!
And that all for less than 25 euros! (17 pounds, 32 dollar)

for example, the jeansjacket was 3euro, the skirt was 2,70 and the corset was 1,50.

After all the shopping, we found a shop where you could also eat SUSHI.
I've never done that before and I was surprised that it was so delicious!  YUM

The day was really fun and I would recomend it to you all!
I can't wait to do it again:)

18 februari 2011

That's what you get when you let your heart win

My best friend made a drawing of me while I was peforming last year with my band:
Chasin' Neon Lights
Now you know to what my blog is called.
This peformance was for a talentshow on my school. This year we wanted to compete again, but we didn't get through the auditions. We all were shocked, because we did it so good and last year we ended on the first place.
Life just goes as it goes, it's a pity we didnt get through cause we really wanted to peform again 5 times on a big stage. But there was nothing we could do about this.
But it will not stop us from being a band, we already had another offer to pefrom so that's really cool :D

There is a video on youtube of us, but the quality is very bad and it sounds really bad so I don't have the guts to post it on my blog. But if you guys want to see it, go check it out yourselves XD

It was all Yellow

8 februari 2011


Finally, Monday is over!
I really hate Mondays. It's a cliché, I know, but Mondays are really hatefull.
I always oversleep on Mondays, so I have to hurry to get in time to school.
Just because my weekend is always planned so full, I'm always tired on Mondays.
And then school,, blegh,, Only boring classes on Monday.
Weird teachers with irritating voices and nothing interresting to talk about.
Somethimes I almost fall asleep.

This is my "I-hate-Mondays"-Shirt. The only thing I can hear on Mondays is blablablablablabla..........
I really don't understand other words. Only nonsense in my head.
But I like nonsense. I like wondering around like a chicken without a head (oeh, that sound weird in English! it's a Dutch expression). The only bad thing is that it gives me a headach and sometimes a bad mark, but I can live with that.

5 februari 2011


I love the wind.
It is such a strong power, one you can't controll.
It feels like freedom and it makes me come alive.

When you face it, it feels like falling.
Wen you turn your back at it, it feels like flying.

Storm crashing over me, the wind takes over me.
I wish this could last forever.