18 februari 2011

That's what you get when you let your heart win

My best friend made a drawing of me while I was peforming last year with my band:
Chasin' Neon Lights
Now you know to what my blog is called.
This peformance was for a talentshow on my school. This year we wanted to compete again, but we didn't get through the auditions. We all were shocked, because we did it so good and last year we ended on the first place.
Life just goes as it goes, it's a pity we didnt get through cause we really wanted to peform again 5 times on a big stage. But there was nothing we could do about this.
But it will not stop us from being a band, we already had another offer to pefrom so that's really cool :D

There is a video on youtube of us, but the quality is very bad and it sounds really bad so I don't have the guts to post it on my blog. But if you guys want to see it, go check it out yourselves XD

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