8 februari 2011


Finally, Monday is over!
I really hate Mondays. It's a cliché, I know, but Mondays are really hatefull.
I always oversleep on Mondays, so I have to hurry to get in time to school.
Just because my weekend is always planned so full, I'm always tired on Mondays.
And then school,, blegh,, Only boring classes on Monday.
Weird teachers with irritating voices and nothing interresting to talk about.
Somethimes I almost fall asleep.

This is my "I-hate-Mondays"-Shirt. The only thing I can hear on Mondays is blablablablablabla..........
I really don't understand other words. Only nonsense in my head.
But I like nonsense. I like wondering around like a chicken without a head (oeh, that sound weird in English! it's a Dutch expression). The only bad thing is that it gives me a headach and sometimes a bad mark, but I can live with that.

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