21 april 2011

playlist week 16

I thought it would be a nice idea to make a playlist once in a while (every week/month/random).
In this playlist you will find 5/10 or more songs that I really like that moment.
That can be new music, new beginning bands, but also oldies that I just can't get out of my head :)

So, this is the first!

1. Into your arms - The Maine

So sweet :)

2. Something good can work -Two door Cinema Club

TDCC is just fun. Love the guitar rifs and it just makes me happy:)

3. When I saw her standing there - The Beatles

Yeahh,, The Beatles :) So old, but still, sooo amazing :)

4. Plage - Crystal Fighters

I can describe this song in one word: SUMMER.
Hope this song will be the summer hit!

5. Someone like you - Adele

I love Adele. I can't get this song out of my head. I just feel the lyrics.

6. Silhouettes - Only Seven Left

Only Seven Left is a young Dutch band that is slowly getting more popular.
They're making catchy pop/rock songs which are very popular with young girls, but don't worry, it's not sticky. I'm a big fan :)
 genre: piano rock

7. Let go - Kensington
Kensington is also a Dutch band that has been working on the road for a while, but never made a real break through. I really don't get that, because they're sooooooo good! (I'm going to see them the 27th of May :D) 

Always where I need to be - The Kooks

One of my favorite bands ever. Going to see them the 9th of July!!

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