17 april 2011

The Remedy

Do you ever feel like you can do nothing?
Like your body doesn't do anything you want it to do?
Or you're head is so stuck with thoughts that you can't concentrate anymore??

I just had that a few days ago.
Really frustrating, because last week there was an important test week at school. (hopefully I get some good degrees!)
I couldn't do a thing.
I wasn't sick, but on the edge of sickness and normal.
I was so tired that I wished I could sleep the whole day long.
And so I did, but I couldn't sleep at all.
And I tried and tried to get all the learning material in my head, but it was so full of nothing that I couldn't remember a thing. I wrote it down a thousand times but it didn't work out.
I tried a lit of things to make me feel better. Eating healthier, drinking more, even chocolat didn't work.
Every day it went from bad to worse.

Until I decided to do nothing about school the whole day long.
My parents were yelling that I must be learning by now, but I didn't.
I began to play on my guitar.
That's something I do very often, almost every day, but the last weeks I didn't had any time for it.

After an hour I stopped.
And then someting really weird occured,, I felt good for the first time in weeks!
I was amazed.

Music is the remedy!

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