28 mei 2011

Style Icon: Coco Sumner

The daughter of Sting, young androgynous look and a special amazing voice.
What else can I say?

25 mei 2011


1. Baby you can drive my car - The beatles

Because of the Boss Orange commercial with the funny beautiful Sienna Miller
This song just won't get out of my head!

2. Sober - Kelly Clarkson

When I was younger I was a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson. Now I think I'm going to be a fan once again. This song just touches me right in the heart..

3. Lippy Kids - Elbow

No one can make music like Elbow.
The simplicity mixed with the beautiful melodies of the lead singer Guy Garvey gives this song something magical.

4. Atmosphere - John Mayer

He's the best live.

5. Do-Wah-Do - Kate Nash

Saw her doing this live a few weeks ago :)
She's so funny andplayful!

6. I Apologise - Moss

Another Dutch proud!
I just found them out 2 week ago when I saw them live, and now it's one of my favorite bands!

7. Pieces - Red

Eventually Red is a hard rock band with sometimes metal parts, but this one is a very quiet song.
Their lyrics just touches me, even in the metal songs.
And this one's very special to me. It's a christian song about going back to your Maker and confessing you can't do it alone. When I'm down and out, I listen to this song.

8. Kids - The Kooks (cover MGMT)

This song is a memory of my very first (and my very last) catwalkshow. We had to walk on the original version of MGMT. But I think I like this one better because I really love The Kooks  :)

9. A year and a bit - Voict

I don't like it that this band doesn't do a thing anymore.... They do exist, but everyone is doing solowork now... :(:(

21 mei 2011

It's all about jump/playsuits!



This one is from the Paloma Faith River Island collection 2010...
Still love it sooooo much!

19 mei 2011

McFlurry Rolo is back!

It's back!
I was so mad when I found out they swopped the Mcflurry Rolo for the Mcflurry Kitkat.....
A lot of clubs were set up to get the rolo back,,
But now they finally answerd our call!

ps. maybe Karl Lagerfeld could also design a nice cover for this icecream,
because it's almost heaven on earth!

18 mei 2011

Haarlem, vintage shop city!

If you ever come to holland, you have to go to HAARLEM.
The city is not that big, but really nice and old with a modern shopping centre.
And also a lot of nice vintage shops!

Here some stores I really like!


Kruisstraat 15
2011 PV Haarlem
From vintage Chanel to self made clothes.
(pictures are mobile quality.....)

These are not my pictures....

Vintage with a nice pricetag, Just Female, Modström and many more!
Special: It's just like an ordinary house, an eating table, the sink as a counter and tha shower cabin as the fittingroom.
Really amazing photocameras....

Schagchelstraat 7
2011 HW Haarlem


Only Second hand in this store!
Really big store with everything you're searching for.

Nassaulaan 40
2011PD Haarlem

(not my pictures)


From the outside it just looks like an cheap boutique you sometimes step in.
But when you're inside you're trapped by the vintage look of Londen.
You really want everything you see!

Pro Shopper

Sometimes I feel like a Pro Shopper.
Finding cheap things nobody ever see.
Under the pictures are the prices of my best finds ;)

Funny Summer
Short €3,50  Hat €2,00  Peeptoes €6,50

Flowers and Lace

Hat €2,50   under Lace Top €1,50

Vintage Levi and Suede

Suede Jacket €3,00 (unbelievable!)   Glasses €0,50   Levi Top €7,00

17 mei 2011

3 New Music Girls

Jessie J
She's the hottest brittain singer of the moment.
First you never ever heard of her, and now she's at the top.
With her "Price Tag" she got a number 1 at the top 100 chart.
But she really deserves it, her voice is so smashing clear an her texts deep.

This is my favorite
 Who You Are

Another stong voice with a soft edge.
The Illinois singer/guitar player was the best new solo artist of the year 2010.
Her folk rock style and pretty harmonic melodies make her a hit.
And still she's very modest, but that's also a lovely part about her.

Janelle Monae
Her apearance only is very special.
Her androgyne signature look is a fashion hype already.
Inspired by the movie mMetropolis she's written a whole album. 
You can call it new R&B or soul or whatever you want, but it really is unique.

Here is her mini movie; Many Moons

12 mei 2011

L'oreal commercial

Beacause I LOVE the Doutzen with glasses :)
(it's a pity it isn't in english.....)

3 mei 2011


by Rae Marshall