17 mei 2011

3 New Music Girls

Jessie J
She's the hottest brittain singer of the moment.
First you never ever heard of her, and now she's at the top.
With her "Price Tag" she got a number 1 at the top 100 chart.
But she really deserves it, her voice is so smashing clear an her texts deep.

This is my favorite
 Who You Are

Another stong voice with a soft edge.
The Illinois singer/guitar player was the best new solo artist of the year 2010.
Her folk rock style and pretty harmonic melodies make her a hit.
And still she's very modest, but that's also a lovely part about her.

Janelle Monae
Her apearance only is very special.
Her androgyne signature look is a fashion hype already.
Inspired by the movie mMetropolis she's written a whole album. 
You can call it new R&B or soul or whatever you want, but it really is unique.

Here is her mini movie; Many Moons

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