18 mei 2011

Haarlem, vintage shop city!

If you ever come to holland, you have to go to HAARLEM.
The city is not that big, but really nice and old with a modern shopping centre.
And also a lot of nice vintage shops!

Here some stores I really like!


Kruisstraat 15
2011 PV Haarlem
From vintage Chanel to self made clothes.
(pictures are mobile quality.....)

These are not my pictures....

Vintage with a nice pricetag, Just Female, Modström and many more!
Special: It's just like an ordinary house, an eating table, the sink as a counter and tha shower cabin as the fittingroom.
Really amazing photocameras....

Schagchelstraat 7
2011 HW Haarlem


Only Second hand in this store!
Really big store with everything you're searching for.

Nassaulaan 40
2011PD Haarlem

(not my pictures)


From the outside it just looks like an cheap boutique you sometimes step in.
But when you're inside you're trapped by the vintage look of Londen.
You really want everything you see!

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