25 mei 2011


1. Baby you can drive my car - The beatles

Because of the Boss Orange commercial with the funny beautiful Sienna Miller
This song just won't get out of my head!

2. Sober - Kelly Clarkson

When I was younger I was a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson. Now I think I'm going to be a fan once again. This song just touches me right in the heart..

3. Lippy Kids - Elbow

No one can make music like Elbow.
The simplicity mixed with the beautiful melodies of the lead singer Guy Garvey gives this song something magical.

4. Atmosphere - John Mayer

He's the best live.

5. Do-Wah-Do - Kate Nash

Saw her doing this live a few weeks ago :)
She's so funny andplayful!

6. I Apologise - Moss

Another Dutch proud!
I just found them out 2 week ago when I saw them live, and now it's one of my favorite bands!

7. Pieces - Red

Eventually Red is a hard rock band with sometimes metal parts, but this one is a very quiet song.
Their lyrics just touches me, even in the metal songs.
And this one's very special to me. It's a christian song about going back to your Maker and confessing you can't do it alone. When I'm down and out, I listen to this song.

8. Kids - The Kooks (cover MGMT)

This song is a memory of my very first (and my very last) catwalkshow. We had to walk on the original version of MGMT. But I think I like this one better because I really love The Kooks  :)

9. A year and a bit - Voict

I don't like it that this band doesn't do a thing anymore.... They do exist, but everyone is doing solowork now... :(:(

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