23 juni 2011

Iris van Herpen

I'm so proud this is Dutch!
There are so many puctures I want to share,, but then this post will get to long!

I wore a dress from her in my first (and last) catwalkshow in 2009.
It was from her  Refinery Smoke collection! 
I walked the Sebastion Professional show.
It was an amazing and big show with 100 models!
Here's the youtube video:
You can see me at 4.22.

I didn't knew her back then and I was a fashion rookie, but when I look back at that show,, I'm thrilled! It was amazing and the song Kids from MGMT is still a magical memory of the show.
Wish I had taken better pictures....
Luckily I found some pictures on the internet from her collection.

These were the shoes and the dress I wore. The dress was 25 Kilo (55 pounds)...
I was afraid I would fall. It was so heavy, the wig was so weird and the shoes were so difficult to walk with!  So I cried and nobody helped me out. That's the hard side of modelling, you have to do what you're told and there's no mercy and help for you.
But when I got on stage, wow, it was magical! I almost fell because the ravels got off the shoes, but I was so happy that I've made it! The finale was my pride round. It was AMAZING.
Wish I could do that once again........

22 juni 2011


Hot in Holland: Stacey Rookhuizen

She set up an own record label when she was just 18.
She was a judge in the dutch version of X-factor.
She loves dutch designers and is the muse of Victor and Rolf.
She was the "Dutch Fashion Icon Femme 2010".
And she will be the leading lady of the coming Project Runway in july.

Stacey Rookhuizen is a femme fatale!

It's a pity that there aren't a lot pictures of her in het stunning outfits available!!

With Victor and Rolf

19 juni 2011

Hotter than ever, Emma!

 This was her outfit for her commercial for LancĂ´me.
This is what makes her a fashion icon and hotter than ever.

She already did a campaign for Burberry, but with her new fresh looks she just can't be out of the picture anymore. It suits her so perfectly.

She's an adorable, beautiful and smart woman who's going to show us that she's much more than her character in Harry Potter.

We need to keep an eye on her!

18 juni 2011

I want.........

Accessorize handle bag                                    Pocket Yersey Alexander Wang

Vintage Motel dress                                                                     Brogues


                    Moustache Necklace


17 juni 2011

The Kooks!

I went to a concert of The Kooks with my friend Sanne!!!!!

My pictures ;)

Luke Pritchard is HOT!!
(not my picture)

16 juni 2011

Cut the cords

NEVER become a puppet.

For behold, darkness shall cover the earth
Bur hold on to what you believe in the light,
when darkness has robbed you from all your sight.
The truth is where the light is.