23 juni 2011

Iris van Herpen

I'm so proud this is Dutch!
There are so many puctures I want to share,, but then this post will get to long!

I wore a dress from her in my first (and last) catwalkshow in 2009.
It was from her  Refinery Smoke collection! 
I walked the Sebastion Professional show.
It was an amazing and big show with 100 models!
Here's the youtube video:
You can see me at 4.22.

I didn't knew her back then and I was a fashion rookie, but when I look back at that show,, I'm thrilled! It was amazing and the song Kids from MGMT is still a magical memory of the show.
Wish I had taken better pictures....
Luckily I found some pictures on the internet from her collection.

These were the shoes and the dress I wore. The dress was 25 Kilo (55 pounds)...
I was afraid I would fall. It was so heavy, the wig was so weird and the shoes were so difficult to walk with!  So I cried and nobody helped me out. That's the hard side of modelling, you have to do what you're told and there's no mercy and help for you.
But when I got on stage, wow, it was magical! I almost fell because the ravels got off the shoes, but I was so happy that I've made it! The finale was my pride round. It was AMAZING.
Wish I could do that once again........

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