29 juli 2011

July: month of accessoires and DIY

Who can have enough of them?????
This month I bought far to much....

I finally got my 'long-wanted' bag!
First I got it and I was soo happy! But inside there was a magnet protection so I called the webshop.
They said I could send it back for free, but the people at the post office said I must pay.
So after 3 weeks of calling to the webshop and cycling to and from the post office the bag was finally really mine!

The earrings I got from Jutka and Riska (€4) (see  Haarlem, vintage shop city! ), the necklace from Sacha (€2) and the earbuttons from H&M (€3).

(bracelet from Wibra (€2) and ring from H&M) 

Love my leopard glasses:):)

Yesterday I was in a very creative mood.
The're a lot of accessoires I really want but just can't find in a store.
So I decided to make them myself:)
And I must say it worked well:)

It's so easy to make lovely things yourelf IF you have the right materials.
DIY is sooo much more fun!

The necklace is made of Fimo clay, like the crosses, the clock and the camée.
Fimo is very easy to use. You only must watch out for mixing the two or three colours together while you're shaping it. After shaping you put it in an oven for a half an hour and VOILA!
I'm especially proud on my camée. It took me 2 and a half hour to make it....

The bracelet is made of rope and nuts.
You just braid the nuts into the rope.
It's so simple and the result is amazing!

The rings could be easily made if you have these 'plated rings' and super glue.
You can buy these rings in a hobbyshop or on

Now I'm working on cute shoulder pads with fringe, a chain body and a XL skirt in see-through black fabric. I can't wait to show you the results:) 

I hope I've inspired you all!!!
Have fun with your own DIY projects!

26 juli 2011

Everybody's starry-eyed.

Glad you wanted to meet the new me.
Or I can better say the real me.
Now I'm not just that blonde haired girl with some kind of style.
I am who I want to be.
I'm myself :)

Nice meeting you:)


21 juli 2011

Check this out!

Two of the best Brittisch band have a new album!

You really need to check these out!

The Wombats with This Modern Glitch

Arctic Monkeys with Suck it and see


12 juli 2011


Just imagine you are a young beginning photographer.
You shoot some editorials and place them on your own website.
You've got your own style and other people love your work.
Your friends place your pictures on their fashion blogs.

And suddenly you find your picture on a t-shirt of a worldwide store.
How would you react?
Would you be happy that they used your picture?
Would you be mad because they stole it from you?

This story happened to Landa Penders.
This is what she says:
"At first I really thought it was a compliment that they used my picture on a t-shirt of Topman by Topshop. Awesome! But after thinking about it some more, I realized I’ve become just another victim of the enormous mass consumption society that we live in. Large fashion chains claim that they’re anticipating on the latest fashion trends and they fire their clothes in huge amounts on their target groups. It’s all about increasing sales and the passion for fashion is irrelevant to them. After researching about this I stumbled upon multiple examples of shops like Topshop, H&M, ZARA, New Look etc. that violate the copyright of independent designers. They trace and draw works of others, change a few little details, but they lack originality and do not have a vision they want to share, like the original designer has. Then they just sell it on the shelves of their shops and no one will hear of the person who actually spent hours and hours on the original works."

Landa started the project FLOPSHOP.
With this project she want to raise awareness of the mass production of clothes.
It must not be normal to just copy and steal pictures or designs from less known designers.
Do you steal anything from a store?
And if you're buying clothes you trust that their makers are original.  

FLOPSHOP stands for all the fashion chains that design, produce and sell their fashion without passion. It is time for originality, quality and honesty.”
Landa Penders also made an editorial to illustrate the protest.

I think Landa has done a great job in creating this project.
And I also her editorial is amazing. 

So now it's time for us (and all the other victims of this mass consumption) to stand up.
To spread the word.
If you want to know more about this project just go to:
If you want to place this on your own blog you can mail Landa for the mediakit.


Photographer: Landa Penders
Photographers assistant: Naomi Fijten
MUA: Evelien van der Ham
Stylist: Karina Krijgsman
Models: Charlotte Schmidt, Estrella Dewi de Graaf

10 juli 2011


Yeahh,, yesterday was my cupcakeparty!

It was really so much fun.
I invited 10 friends an we always talk a lot, but at some times there was jsut silence because we were working so concentrated!
I really like it that we all made some real creative cupcakes!

Here are some pictures:)

ps.. you won't recognize me,, so I'm the short brown haired right under.....

These are from Renee:) (sweet flowers:P)

                                                             These are from Najlah  (lovely turtle!)                      

                                                              These are from D'Avellone (Pikachu an Elmo XD)         

                                                                    These are from Sanne (clown:P)

                                                                 These are from Kayla (hello Kitty:))

                                                                 These are from Annabel  (mini park:):)

                                                                     These are from Sharon (love the rose:))            

                                                           These are from Frederike (pig and tiger!)

                                                         These are from Suzanne  (sunglasses!)

                                                                 These are mine:):)


                                                             My bridescake (made by my mom..)

                                                                    Kirby! (made by D'Avellone)

I hope you liked it and that you are inspired to make cupcakes your own now:)

8 juli 2011


Yet lag - Simple plan ft. Natasha Beddingfield
Natasha goes rock!
Can't get it out of my head!

Light up the sky - The Afters
Love the clip, love the band!
Seen them live 2 weeks ago!
It's religious, but amazing music!

In the mourning - Paramore
This song is not yet official, but it's so beautiful!
I hope their new album will come soon!!
(and an European tour please...????:( )

Punching in a dream - The Naked And Famous

Electroband form New Zealand!
I don't understand why she can hit those high notes so easily!!

Six Feet Under - Shary Ann

She didn't win The Voice Of Holland, but she's working on the road very hard!
This is a sound we don't yet have in Holland!

Every teardrop is a waterfall - Coldplay

Some people hate it, but I love it!
Coldplay has changed its sound!
I was very surprised when I heard this for teh first time. It's not very Coldplay, but it's a great hit!

Coming Home - Skylar Grey

I don't know her very well yet, but I heard this song and I thought it was beautiful.
It's original a song with Diddy and Dirty Money,, but I like this version much more!

Your eyes lie

just found a new hot webshop!!