10 juli 2011


Yeahh,, yesterday was my cupcakeparty!

It was really so much fun.
I invited 10 friends an we always talk a lot, but at some times there was jsut silence because we were working so concentrated!
I really like it that we all made some real creative cupcakes!

Here are some pictures:)

ps.. you won't recognize me,, so I'm the short brown haired right under.....

These are from Renee:) (sweet flowers:P)

                                                             These are from Najlah  (lovely turtle!)                      

                                                              These are from D'Avellone (Pikachu an Elmo XD)         

                                                                    These are from Sanne (clown:P)

                                                                 These are from Kayla (hello Kitty:))

                                                                 These are from Annabel  (mini park:):)

                                                                     These are from Sharon (love the rose:))            

                                                           These are from Frederike (pig and tiger!)

                                                         These are from Suzanne  (sunglasses!)

                                                                 These are mine:):)


                                                             My bridescake (made by my mom..)

                                                                    Kirby! (made by D'Avellone)

I hope you liked it and that you are inspired to make cupcakes your own now:)

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