8 juli 2011


Yet lag - Simple plan ft. Natasha Beddingfield
Natasha goes rock!
Can't get it out of my head!

Light up the sky - The Afters
Love the clip, love the band!
Seen them live 2 weeks ago!
It's religious, but amazing music!

In the mourning - Paramore
This song is not yet official, but it's so beautiful!
I hope their new album will come soon!!
(and an European tour please...????:( )

Punching in a dream - The Naked And Famous

Electroband form New Zealand!
I don't understand why she can hit those high notes so easily!!

Six Feet Under - Shary Ann

She didn't win The Voice Of Holland, but she's working on the road very hard!
This is a sound we don't yet have in Holland!

Every teardrop is a waterfall - Coldplay

Some people hate it, but I love it!
Coldplay has changed its sound!
I was very surprised when I heard this for teh first time. It's not very Coldplay, but it's a great hit!

Coming Home - Skylar Grey

I don't know her very well yet, but I heard this song and I thought it was beautiful.
It's original a song with Diddy and Dirty Money,, but I like this version much more!

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